The nutritious choice, so you can feel better!


Of course an essential part of a healthy life is what you eat. As real foodies It is our mission to help you eat delicious and especially healthy food, every moment of the day. That’s why you can scan all the products and dishes for nutrients with this QR-code. Important for your overall health but also if you want better results at the gym or improve your mental health. We will give you insight in calories, protein, carbs, vets, the amount of veggies and your salt intake.


Also, in our 360 Lifestyle restaurants, we have selected 360 Choices. You’ll find this responsible choice within the different product groups in the restaurant. Each 360 Choice meets the following 4 criteria: More veggies, less meat, less salt and more fibre.




At 360 Lifestyle we work with different experts, who’ll also advice you in the restaurants about the right food for optimal performance and to feel great. Below 2 of our experts take the spotlight.
Scan their code in your restaurant and read all about the products they have selected for you.

Jorden Bres is Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach with TeamNL. Among his clients are: gymnast Epke Zonderland, judoka Henk Grol, skating team Marianne Timmer and many other top athletes. He also trains Holland’s Next Top model and presenter Anna Nooshin, actrice Fockeline Ouwerkerk and actor Tim Haars.

For 360 Lifestyle we’ve partnered with Jorden Bres. In addition to his expert blogs and vlogs, and in support of your sporty lifestyle, you can now scan the code for his 360 Choice in your restaurant.


Lisa Stel, better known from platform Lisa Goes Vegan, inspires and informs ten thousands of people yearly to eat more plant based food. In a positive and easy way she helps individuals and companies chose more healthy and nutritious food.

Conquering a place in the young sustainable top 100, the Food100 and receiving an award for best Vegan Cook Book. With her tips, recipes and books she aims to make planted based eating accessible for everyone.

Lisa writes and vlogs for 360 Lifestyle. Want to eat more planted based? Try Lisa’s 360 Choice in your restaurant.