what to eat in april?

Vegetable and fruit of the month

Vegetable: Chicory
-    Chicory is grown in the dark. The more sunlight, more bitter the taste is.
-    Besides the white chicory there is also a red chicory! The difference is mainly in the red color. When cooking or stewing, the red color is disappears.
-    Chicory is the favorite vegetable of many chefs because it has a slightly bitter taste.
-    Chef Felix Alen even devoted a book to the chicory: "Chicory from Belgium."
-    Do you want to keep the white color of chicory during cooking? Then add a few drops of lemon juice to the cooking water.
-    You can soften the bitter taste of chicory by adding milk to the cooking water.
-    There are Belgian chocolatiers who have made creations of pralines filled with chicory.


Fruit: Orange
-    The orange is originally from China.
-    The smell of oranges makes the substance serotonin in your body. And it is the substances that makes a person very happy.
-    The more hours of sunshine orange gets, the better taste.
-    Did you know that an orange needs four years to become fully grown.
-    500 oranges can grow on one large orange tree.
-    No bees, no oranges. This is because only with bees a new orange tree can grow.



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