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Creating a healthy lifestyle is not difficult.


Sustainability is a hot-topic! We are becoming increasingly aware of what we buy, consume and wear and also how we travel, live and work. People, Planet and Profit must be balanced in order to achieve sustainability. And so we eat organic food, buy solar panels, separate our waste and recycle our clothing. But when it comes to creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, we often struggle to erm... sustain it. At least, when it comes to a lifestyle free of diets and with exercise that suits you, that is.


Juggling the balls
Everyone is busy nowadays. Society expects a great deal from us and we often expect even more from ourselves. Sport and eating healthily can add to the pressure even though we know that fit, healthy people are more productive, positive and successful. Particularly in times of stress, when you may be losing sleep, it is more important than ever to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

Sustainable sport
If you do something that gives you energy, it’s easier to integrate it into your life. This also applies to sport. Choose a sport that you love, so that you can sustain it. Alongside the obvious physical benefits of sport, it also helps you find both mental and emotional calm. During sport, you can let go of your thoughts; this reduces stress and improves your mental health. And good mental health is perfect for a fit body.

Taking it in steps
There’s very good reason for the idea that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. The idea that too much sitting is not good for your health is something we all know already. Too much sitting increases the chance of health problems, according to scientific research. Do you sit down for your job? Make sure that you work in a more dynamic manner and do a little exercise during the day. Hold ‘walking meetings’; if you have a meeting arranged, go outdoors and walk around with the other person.
If you cannot find time for sport, try to achieve 7,000-10,000 steps per day to get some exercise and also burn off excess calories. It is also very healthy to spend time outdoors, in the fresh air, particularly during the winter months. There are various (free) apps on the market for measuring how many steps you take each day.

Stop dieting
A diet is not sustainable; it has a start and end date. So, it’s not what you need if you want a lifestyle that suits you. Food plays an essential role for both your body and mind. It is a source of energy for your body. It is more than just fuel and I don't believe in diets, but in creating a sustainable, new eating pattern in which you make deliberate choices. I apply the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of my food is made up of deliberately healthy choices and the 20% that remains, is when I eat what I fancy. Say, if I want a glass of wine or bit of chocolate.

Smart nutrition tips
If you’re busy, you’re more likely to choose less healthy food. So make sure that you’re prepared and take a bag of carrots, snack tomatoes or slice of bell pepper with you. You can also prepare meals in advance. Make a big pan of fresh soup at the weekend, for example, which you can then divide into portions and eat during the week.

Creating a healthy lifestyle is not difficult. It's all about making choices and doing what suits you. This sometimes means that you have to break your usual patterns.


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