Meet our experts


Meet our team of expert Nutritionists, Chefs & Dietitians all with a wealth of different experiences across food & industry, specialisms in weight management, sports nutrition, public health and much more! Read more about them here.





Product Manager

Hans Gijsen has around 25 years of experience in the food service sector, both in operational as well as management roles, including purchasing, category and product management. He graduated from the Hotel School and was trained in the classic French cuisine.

He is a passionate 24/7 foodie who is always on the lookout for the latest trends and developments. His focus lies on the relationship between a healthy diet and sustainability. Hans can be incredibly creative with his cooking without losing sight of the basics.

Tessa Broekhuizen

Product Manager

Tessa Broekhuizen graduated in 2015 as a concept developer and trend watcher in the food sector. Her passion for food then developed into working in the kitchen and developing recipes.

Her creativity is translated into innovative recipes that she loves to share with the outside world via photography.


Culinary Manager

Andres Delpeut has many years of experience as a top, Michelin-starred chef. Since December, he has been working for the Compass Group under the Famous Flavours label. We aim to apply this passion and vision to launching concepts for high-end company catering.

“Surprising guests at any time of the day with fresh, top quality items, from a simple biscuit right through to a luxury dinner and everything in between; that is what makes my job so amazing.”


Founder Lisa goes Vegan

Lisa Stel, better known from the platform Lisa goes Vegan, has been inspiring and informing tens of thousands of people for years to eat a more plant-based diet. She uses a positive and accessible approach to helping individuals and companies to choose healthy and sustainable food.

She won a spot in the Top 100 Sustainable Youngsters list, the Food100 and also took the award for Best Vegan Cookbook. With her tips, recipes and books, she demonstrates that a plant-based diet is easy, healthy and unbelievably tasty.


Personal Trainer

Jorden Bres has been working as the Strength & Conditioning Coach for TeamNL for the past 10 years. At the moment, he is responsible for supervising the national judo selection at the national training centre in Papendal. He trains and has trained athletes such as gymnast Epke Zonderland, judoka Henk Grol, the commercial skating team of Marianne Timmer and many other athletes.

Jorden also works as a personal trainer. Among other things, he has trained Holland’s Next Top Model 2016 and coaches presenter Anna Nooshin, actress Fockeline Ouwerkerk and actor Tim Haars. He also provides clinics, seminars and presentations.


Zeitgeist-watcher & Marketing strategist

Peter Heshof is Tijdgeest’s trend watcher, a strategist and speaker with around 20 years of experience; he works for companies such as Unilever, Friesland Campina, Albert Heijn, JDE and Compass Group. Peter helps to make brands future-proof in relation to trends and consumer insights. He is the founder of the trend and marketing agency Bloom.

He focuses on consumer and food trends for now and the coming 10 years. In his vision, trends are not a coincidence, but are driven by the changing Tijdgeest (zeitgeist).



Since 2012, Yvonne Platteel has been working as a food expert for Eurest. Her biggest passion is eating healthy, tasty food. She loves cooking and combines healthy, tasty and quick so that everyone can have a go. She believes that good food sustains your body and mind from inside-out. This, in turn, impacts how you feel.

Yvonne’s current studies into orthomolecular diets are allowing her to gain insights into the impact of food on health.


All round fitnesscoach and personal trainer

Merel Nijs (all-round fitness coach and personal trainer) graduated in Lifestyle Sport and Exercise as a social exercise expert. With 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, group lesson instructor and club manager, she always stays up-to-date with the many trends in the health sector.

I think it’s really important to make people aware of their own exercise behaviour and help them bring about change in a way that best suits them. The mission of High Five Health Promotion is ‘empowering people’; that is what I've been doing for High Five Health Promotion for the past six years and what I’d like to carry on doing for the foreseeable future!

van pierre

Nutrition scientist

Denise van Pierre graduated as a dietitian with a BSc in Diet and Nutrition and then qualified as a food scientist with an MSc in Nutrition and Health (MSc), specialising in Nutritional Physiology and Health Status.

She has five years experience in the food industry, is an expert in (international) labelling, specification management, food and health claims and food safety.

Annemie schuitemaker

Master of human development

Graduated from University Groningen, Master of human development in Organizations
Specialism over 15 years in stress, workload, work life balance and digital detox. Managing director of Career & Live. I’m already a part of High Five Health Promotion since 2016.

I believe that everybody should be able to enjoy and be engaged in work and life. One life, just live it.